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| va1     = *Name of first Voice Artist*
| chars1  = *First Voice Artist's characters.*

| va2     = *Name of second Voice Artist*
| chars2  = *Second Voice Artist's characters.*

| va3     = *Name of third Voice Artist*
| chars3  = *Third Voice Artist's characters* 

| vaX     = *Name of Xth Voice Artist*
| charsX  = *Xth Voice Artist's characters*  

| va20     = *Name of twentieth Voice Artist*
| chars20  = *Twentieth Voice Artist's characters* 
  • Each entry uses vaX and charsX, where X increments for each additional voice artist and voices.
  • Supports up to 20 entries (va20, chars20).
  • If not all entries are used, the extra ones just won't show up.
  • For the multiple characters in "charsX" property, a <br/> is recommended between character names.